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IBS Couplertec

Order Number for CouplerTec Systems

Product Code description supplement Voltage
Systems for PKW/4WD's/SUV's      
2WDHD 2 pads for PKW   12V
4WD 4 pads for 4WD's/SUV's   12V
4WDHD 4 pads for 4WD's/SUV's   12V
4WDXHD 6 pads for 4WD's/SUV's   12V
4WDXHD24VSFK 6 pads for 4WD's/SUV's   24V
6MSSFK 6 Pads für Spezial applications(Mine)   12V (new)
Systems for Commercial Heavy Duty Range    
4COMM 4 pads system 4m vehicle length 12V/24V
6COMM 6 pads system 6m vehicle length 12V/24V
8COMM 8 pads system 8m vehicle length 12V/24V
10COMM 10 pads system 10 vehicle length 12V/24V
12COMM 12 pads system 12 vehicle length 12V/24V

For special applications the system 6MSSFK with 6 pads will include 6 caps (1PC). This kit is designed specifically for the mining operation and has two decisive differences to the standard systems; the charge (protection) is amplified and the feed lines red and black are connected directly to the battery. The green line can now be connected directly to the ground point of the vehicle (Optimum counterbalance to the pads) are performed (this feature is provided for use of the mine vehicles in which the whole vehicle is separated by the main switch of the battery when not in use, but the CouplerTec will continue to maintain protection). This feature can be very handy during installation, in recreation vehicles, since access to the starter battery is difficult and has to be resorted to the auxiliary battery.