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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If your question is not among them, contact us and we will do our best to find the answer to it.

Why rust-proof a vehicle?

Metal is a large and important component of vehicles. Unfortunately, though, there’s a downside to it. When it combines with air and moisture, it starts to rust. This, as we know all too well, is quite common because vehicles are more or less constantly exposed to corrosive agents. The stronger the effect of corrosive agents, the more rapid the process of oxidation. Sea, airborne salts (sea vicinity) and winter road salting/sanding are highly corrosive. However, such innocent activities as car washing can also trigger the onset of rust.
CouplerTec electronic rust-proofing systems, on the other hand, interfere with the process of oxidation and, by tricking it, prevent rust from taking hold.

What is the difference between CouplerTec systems and conventional rust-proofing methods, e.g. sprays and coatings?

Sprays and coatings are only as good as where they can reach. Unless your vehicle is totally stripped internally, there is absolutely no way you could protect any more than 60% of the vehicle’s metal surface. CouplerTec, on the other hand, reaches 100% of the surface, helps prevent stone chips from rust growth and the system can be taken to your next vehicle.
Unlike conventional rust-proofing methods, CouplerTec systems have been proven to be effective, simple to use, man- and nature-friendly, and they also reduce maintenance and repair costs associated with corrosion.

Will CouplerTec electronic rust-proofing systems work with conventional rust-proofing methods?

Absolutely! They will improve and enhance any conventional method already applied to your vehicle. However, once you have installed a CouplerTec system, conventional methods are no longer necessary.

Are all electronic rust-proofing systems the same?

No, we know different electronic rust-proofing systems.
Electronic rust-proofing has been around for more than 60 years in the form of cathodic protection devices (impressed current and sacrificial anodes) which were designed to protect boats from rust. As these devices are effective for their intended use only, they are not suitable for use on motor vehicles.

CouplerTec is acknowledged as the world’s leader in the design and manufacture of electronic rust-proofing systems for motor vehicles. CouplerTec systems use state-of-the-art capacitive coupling technology. This patented technology has been specifically developed to protect motor vehicles from rust.

There are, of course, also those providers of electronic rust-proofing systems who boast that their products perform at least as good as, if not better than, CouplerTec. You can verify their credibility yourself!

Only CouplerTec systems, which are internationally patented, meet the highest quality standards and have been thoroughly tested in both laboratories and the harshest natural environments, have been proven to be effective. All CouplerTec systems bear a unique number which distinguishes them from imitations.

There is only one CouplerTec original.

Has CouplerTec technology been tested?

Yes. CouplerTec’s unique patented capacitive coupling technology has been thoroughly tested in both laboratories and the most corrosive environments.

CouplerTec systems have successfully passed the tests carried out by the International Corrosion Testing Centre which have shown that CouplerTec technology is truly effective in preventing rust formation.

They have also successfully passed independent testing carried out by Bosch. In addition, they have completed EMC CISPR25 (Auto Systems – Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard) classification testing which has shown that they do not interfere with any on-board electronic and radio devices or computers (engine control units, braking system…). All CouplerTec systems bear the number #N28214 which means that they have achieved CTICK (Certification of Quality) Approval.

CouplerTec systems have proven to be the best choice for use in the mines of Queensland where, for a decade, they have been protecting the over 3500-strong fleet of heavy machinery against the highly corrosive sulphur. If CouplerTec can protect trucks weighing tens of tons, you can rest assured it will also prevent rust in your steel horse, be it a high-performance SUV or a small old-timer.

My car already has some rust – will CouplerTec help?

Yes. In all but very severe cases CouplerTec systems will slow the corrosion rate noticeably. It is recommended that CouplerTec be installed prior to having your vehicles rust repaired, this will allow time for the CouplerTec technology to stabilise any existing corrosion.

How do I know if my CouplerTec electronic rust-proofing system is operating correctly?

The system only operates correctly and effectively if each capacitive coupler has its own internal circuit with a required level of voltage, frequency and capacitance. If the module is working correctly, a green light is flashing. If the system detects a fault, a red light is flashing. The system will automatically reset after the fault has been rectified.

Will the addition of a CouplerTec system to my vehicle void the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty? Will it interfere with on-board electronics?

No. There is no reason why a CouplerTec system could ever void a manufacturer’s warranty. CouplerTec complies with the strict testing standards for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and will not interfere with your vehicle or any of its systems.

Do CouplerTec systems differ to suit vehicles of differing sizes?

Yes. When selecting the best-suited CouplerTec system for your vehicle, you must consider its type, size and intended use, the surface it usually drives on, and the climatic conditions it usually operates in. One single system couldn’t possible satisfy all requirements. CouplerTec systems vary in the number of internal circuits and capacitive couplers.

CouplerTec product range covers all types of vehicles, including those operating in the most corrosive environments. CouplerTec systems will protect cars exposed to winter road salting/sanding, heavy machinery exposed to minerals in mines, but also old-timers subject to the ravages of time.

Will CouplerTec systems flatten the car battery?

No. CouplerTec systems draw less power from the battery than a dashboard clock, i.e. approximately 20 – 40 mA.

If I trade or sell my car can I take the CouplerTec unit off?

Yes. Transferability is CouplerTec’s great advantage. CouplerTec is easily transferred from one vehicle to the next. You will only need to purchase a coupler refit kit.

Is CouplerTec more expensive than other rust-proofing methods?

No. Unlike conventional methods like sprays and coatings that need to be topped up or reapplied on an annual basis, CouplerTec is a once-only cost.

What about CouplerTec’s service life?

The systems’ life is indefinite, the electronics are solid state (no moving parts) and the electronic board is totally encapsulated in an epoxy resin that makes it completely sealed.

How many sacrificial anodes do CouplerTec electronic rust-proofing systems have?

None. CouplerTec employs a technology known as capacitive coupling; the couplers are fixed to the vehicles painted surface. Any product that uses anodes or runs a wire straight to a screw or bare metal is using cathodic/impressed current technology that was designed for boats or underground pipes etc., NOT motor vehicles.

Is cheaper better?

No. Unfortunately, the electronic rust-proofing market is rife with products that do absolutely nothing in terms of controlling corrosion. Most of them are not tested, so buyers beware! The only tested, proven value-for-money technology is CouplerTec Capacitive Coupling.

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